Routine and Cryptorchid Castration
Performed under intravenous or inhalation general anesthesia - Surgical removal of both normally descended testicles as either an open (leaving the scrotal incisions open to heal from the inside out) or as a closed technique with removal of the scrotal sac and closing of the incision.
Surgical removal of a testicle that has failed to descend normally into the scrotal sac. The affected testicle may be retained either in the abdomen or the inguinal canal.
Surgical removal of a segment of nerve to a specific area (hind suspensory or heel region of the hoof) to alleviate pain.
Surgically cutting fascia (tissue) that is restricting an area such as seen in the high suspensory area on the hind limbs.
Performed under general anesthesia, this technique uses arthroscopic equipment to evaluate the tendon sheath allowing a clear view of the structures and access for treatment via small incisions.
Surgical cutting of ligaments to release excess limb contracture as seen in a club foot. Performed under general anesthesia.
Outpatient procedure consisting of a short IV general anesthetic period (typically 20 minutes) for local intra-lesional injection of cisplatin or bleomycin followed by application of the electrical pulses to the area to increase the cellular uptake of the drug. Over the past four years, this therapeutic option has been reported to have 99% success rate in resolution of equine sarcoids.