Equine Dentistry
  • Oral Exam
  • Tooth Equilibration (float)
  • Dental Radiography
  • Soft Tissue Disease Management
  • Incisor, Pre-molar, Molar Extraction


More Dental Information
Oral health is vital for the well-being of your horse at any age.
Our experienced veterinarians deliver a full range of equine dentistry services, from routine dental procedures in the field to advanced procedures at our hospital, performed according to the highest standards of care. When you make annual dental examinations for your horse a priority, you help ensure problems are detected and addressed early and appropriately. In recent years there have been many exciting advances in equine dentistry that have significantly increased the level of care veterinarians can provide.
Mid-Atlantic Equine recommends, at minimum, YEARLY dental exams of horses of every age. Young horses that have rapid growth and changes to their teeth and older horses whose teeth may be expiring, may require more frequent dental exams.

Equine dentistry is more than a “float”. An oral health exam begins with a thorough history involving the horse’s diet, performance and overall physical health. An exam then progresses to an external exam of the head and assessment of body condition. The proper sedation protocol is then selected based on the unique characteristics of the individual, the mouth is rinsed with water and a speculum is placed. Next is thorough palpation and visualization— with the assistance of a dental mirror— of the teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Based on specific abnormalities and concerns, dental equilibration (floating) is performed using carefully, controlled power tools. Further diagnostics, such as radiographs, endoscopy, biopsy of soft tissues, may be used to address abnormalities. At the end of the exam, our veterinarians will discuss any further treatments or follow-up management, such a diet changes, which will aid in prolonging the oral and overall health of the horse.

Drs. Sullivan and Clark provide dental care on the farm and in the clinic.  Dr. Sullivan has a special interest in dentistry and has pursued further training and mentorship in the field.  Dr. Sullivan performs more advanced procedures such as oral tooth extraction and periodontal disease treatments.  When a particularly complex and challenging case arises, Dr. Sullivan works with as a team with our surgeons and consulting veterinarians board-certified in equine dentistry. 

The veterinarians at Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center are in full support of the NJVMA position statement regarding equine dentistry.