Digital Radiology
The Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center is proud to announce the acquisition of the most upgraded version of the Optomed dynamic endoscope. Use of this technology will allow us to more accurately diagnose disorders of the upper respiratory tract of the horse. In contrast to standard endoscopy, this system is used while the horse is being ridden or driven, giving us a direct look (live telemetric feed and video recording) at airway function when disease is most likely to manifest itself clinically. It is an invaluable tool in planning upper respiratory laser and surgical procedures. Conditions such as dynamic collapse of arytenoids, collapse of the aryepiglottic (AE) folds, pharyngeal collapse, and vocal cord collapse can only be observed during a dynamic respiratory endoscopic study. Dynamic respiratory endoscopy is also indicated for use in horses with exercise intolerance and poor performance.
These studies can be performed at the clinic or on the farm, on sport and pleasure horses where they can be ridden and/or longed. They may also be performed on horses at the racetrack or training center, where the patient can be ridden or driven, and the airway assessed under realistic training conditions.
The dynamic endoscopy study may be used as a stand alone diagnostic, or can be part of a poor performance (cardiopulmonary) evaluation package which may include lower respiratory tract examination (endoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage) or full cardiac examination (echocardiogram and ECG at rest and during exercise to evaluate heart rhythm under performance conditions).
We are excited to add this service to our diagnostic arsenal and look forward to collaborating with you and any horses that may benefit from the use of this technology. Please call the clinic for estimates and to schedule an appointment. Studies will be performed by Dr. Mary Durando (internal medicine specialist), Dr. Janik Gasiorowski (staff surgeon) or Dr. Rodney Belgrave (staff internal medicine specialist).